On Saturday the 25th of January the Hurricane Stars Club Inc hired the Bayside Water Park at Carbrook. After anxiously watching the weather reports all week, everyone was very grateful for the cloudy but warm weather on Saturday that made it a wonderful afternoon. They booked the whole lake, so it could be made into a lady’s only space, with only female staff on duty and no men around and miraculously everyone arrived on time. The ladies were able to try cable skiing with either a knee board or wake board, kayaking, canoeing, stand up paddle boarding and paddle boating.

It was the first ever ladies only water park event and 60 ladies and a small number of children attended. The lake was full of the sound of lady’s laughter as ladies from different backgrounds, nationalities and ages, had 2 hours of fun at the lake.  It allowed the ladies to challenge themselves to new experiences in a variety of ways. Ladies who had only ever swam in swimming pools challenged themselves to swim for the first time in a lake where the water was not clear and they swam around and learned to enjoy touching the muddy bottom of the lake.


Other brave sisters who could not swim, put on life jackets and tried out the variety of water-based activities and they surprised themselves and found they were very good at it. Even thought there was a high possibility that they would fall off the board in the middle of the lake with only a lifejacket to prevent them from drowning and knowing they would have to swim back to land, some brave sisters who could not swim tried knee boarding. All attendees tried knee boarding to various degrees of success, as some first-time knee boarders were able to knee board immediately and others took