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We had a very successful Amazing Race for Youth Week 2021 at the Australian International Islamic College. We had 120 boys and girls attend and compete in 10 different activities. They went rock climbing, jumped on the wipeout, participated in boot camp and martial arts (thanks to Southside Academy of Combat), they tried speed charades, bowling, soccer penalty shootout, donut eating challenge and the mystery box challenge. They all prayed together and participated in the Ramadan quiz. After all the competing was finished, they relaxed and enjoyed dinner while listening to Anas Abdulla, who was a great inspirational speaker. We thank Mabrouk’s butcher for providing the sausages for dinner. The 10 different teams completed with various levels of enthusiasm and it showed in the results. There were gold, silver and bronze medals for the top three teams who scored the most points. All winners received lolly cups as prizes thanks to United Sisters Queensland. We are very grateful to the support of AIIC management and staff for the event, especially Imam Ahmed, Imam Sahih and Sr. Safina. The event would not have been possible or as successful without the support of the Brisbane Muslim Youth. Thank you to Brisbane City Council for sponsoring the event.


Last week was the final class for our eight week ladies circus program. The program was an amazing success, with ladies of all ages, skill level and backgrounds coming together. They had so much fun learning new skills and encouraging each to challenge themselves to try out all the new activities. The ladies learnt juggling with scarves, plates and bean bags. They learnt to spin plates and to work together to do group acrobatics. They tried different tricks on the trapeze and silks. They relived their childhood with hola hoops(of all sizes) and skipping.

The ladies were so grateful to have this opportunity to try something different and learn new talents they didn’t know they had. All the ladies really appreciated the mentoring and support from the instructors at Vulcana. The ladies loved their simple but encouraging instructions. All they ladies knew they were in a safe, non-judgmental space.

We look forward to doing more activities together in the future.


Our first ladies calligraphy course finished this week. The ladies can’t wait to start again after Ramadan. They have learnt so much and developed amazing new skills. The ladies enjoyed making friends and chatting in the relaxed and friendly environment create by our skilled instructor Nabila.


We had a very successful cooking class. We had a special visit from Queensland’s treasurer and our local member of parliament Cameron Dick. He enjoyed meeting the ladies and talking to our team about our current and future projects. We were grateful to have Rita Anwari Sultani join us to discuss supporting women in the community.

The ladies had great fun learning to make Chinese buns. They were shown how to make them from scratch and then they practiced rolling the dough, adding the meat and making them into buns. They then steamed the buns and enjoyed eating them. It was a fun morning for everyone, as the ladies had so much fun learning and chatting together. Some of the ladies even brought some desserts for everyone to share.


Last Saturday we hosted our successful annual ladies water park day. We had more than 50 ladies of all ages and backgrounds come along. The ladies enjoyed kneeboarding, wakeboarding, kayaking, canoeing, stand up paddle boarding and playing on the inflatable islands. Thankfully it stopped raining 10 minutes before the event started and the ladies agreed it was perfect weather. The water was warm while the clouds made it not too hot. Many of the ladies who attended could not swim but the life jacket kept them safe. We loved seeing a number of mothers challenge themselves and try the various activities offered. It was a great day enjoyed by all !


We were thankfully able to complete our Treetops Challenge Activity this week before the lockdown started. The activity was postponed due to heavy rains on the original date. The weather was perfect this time, as it was cloudy and cool without rain. We had 23 participants from Brisbane and the Gold Coast join. Parents and kids both had fun climbing through trees, zip lining across the forest and challenging themselves on the various obstacles. The treetop challenge certainly was a challenge and it was a great lesson for all participants not to give up – because they could not, everyone was strapped in the safety wire and had to keep going.


Last week we took 22 kids over 3 days on Equestrian camp. They had great fun spending hours horse riding on bush land trails and practicing dressage skills in the arena. At the end of the day they groomed and washed the horses and put them back in their paddocks. It was a amazing experience for all participants.


We hosted our first ladies only indoor rock climbing session. It was a great success with ladies of all ages coming along. All of the ladies had never done rock climbing before but they embraced the opportunity and were all quickly climbing the walls. We had a lot of mother/daughter and siblings pairs working together to take turns climbing. We also had a number of individual women come along to make friends and they had great fun mixing with the other ladies and making new friends. When the ladies were tired of climbing they moved on to have fun in the parkour area or had fun playing table tennis 🏓. It was a fun evening enjoyed by all.


While our younger scout’s had fun at the district day, our older scout’s did not miss out on having amazing experiences. Our scout’s and venturers (aged 12-17) had fun learning the Turkish Art of Ebru. We had the only two Ebru art professionals come to our scout meeting and demonstrate to the scout’s how to make Ebru art. Then everyone had fun trying to do it for themselves. The scout’s allowed their creativity to express it’s self and created alot of amazing designs.


Last weekend our cubs (7-9 years old) joined the Logan district cub day. They had so much fun with 80 other cub scouts from across Logan coming together for the day. They all enjoyed a wide variety of fun activities. They made origami fish, learnt how to use chopsticks and competed in chopstick competitions. They participated in a 30 minute walk to Priestdale Scout den, where we had lunch. We are very grateful to the organisers who made sure there were halal sandwiches for our scout’s. The theme of the event was multiculturalism so the cubs had fun rotating about various stalls doing activities based on the culture of different countries. Our stall had to be cancelled due to the pouring rain but we were still able to share delicious Turkish cookies with everyone. This made us particularly popular with the other leaders who loved the cookies.


Another great weekend at Brownsea Camp – this time for JOTA (Jamboree of the Air). The scout’s continued continued to build their sailing skills by enjoying a morning of sailing. This time the scout’s were in charge of the boats they crewed and really developed their confidence as sailers. On dry land they had a variety of activities to learn from and enjoy. They learnt how send messages through flags, they had fun sending messages through Morse code, making their own radio transmitter and talking by radio to scout’s in Australia and New Zealand, and they used coat hangers as transmitters to find a radio fox. We once again enjoyed spending time with our friends at the Brisbane South Chinese Scout group.


Last weekend, the Muslim Crescent Scout group celebrated one year since the establishment of their group. The Muslim Crescent Scout group is the fastest growing scout group in the Brisbane region and we now have 45 members. To celebrate they took the entire group on an overnight camp to Brownsea scout camp in Shorncliffe. Members of all ages had fun sailing, building a raft and canoeing both in the daytime and by night. The older scouts strengthened their canoeing skills during the night canoeing, while enjoying finding sunken ships, hunted houses and seeing the amazing phosphorescence in the water at night. For dinner, all members had fun making their own pizza from scratch, including rolling out the dough and then cooking it in the camp’s wood fire oven. The older scouts learnt the skills of how to build a fire in the oven to make it heat successfully to make a delicious pizza. Our older members attended a camp earlier in the school holidays to learn how to sail, so that they could support the younger members of the group during the camp. This greatly assisted all of our members from the oldest to the youngest, who just turned five, to be actively involved in all activities and learn many beneficial new skills as well as becoming closer friends with the other group members. The camp successfully created stronger ties and understanding between the members of the scout group, which will help to strengthen the group. On our canoeing trip, on the second day up Cabbage Tree Creek, the younger and older scouts work together to paddle the canoes. The youngest scouts made the experience extra cute by singing together as they paddled. The camp finished with the youngest scouts being invited to go on the Marine Rescue boats and hear about the work the volunteers do. Over the past year the Muslim Crescent Scout group has gone from nothing to 45 members. The members and leaders have enjoyed an amazing experience through which they have all grown in both character and skills. They have learned bush craft skills, cycling skills, canoeing skills, sailing skills and knotting skills. Our members have met and enjoyed working together with a variety of scouts from other groups across Brisbane, as we participated in activities such as sailing in Moreton Bay, scouts in action: rocket day, the urban challenge treasure hunt for teenagers in Brisbane City and Clean Up Australia Day. It has not only been the Scouts who have had so much fun participating and learning from these activities but the leaders themselves have enjoyed and learnt so much from their experience over the past year. The leaders not only did the compulsory training required to be a leader, but they have also done additional training for adventurous activities to allow them to do a wider variety of activities for the scouts. Our leaders have trained to be instructors in canoeing, kayaking, bushwalking and archery and they are looking forward to many more opportunities to do a wide range of other training and activities through scouts, that will continue to benefit them for the rest of their lives. We are looking forward to more exciting upcoming activities like the Jamboree of the air next weekend and the cub’s district fun day the following weekend. New members are welcome to join anytime throughout the year. We are looking for more leaders as our group is growing and more leaders are needed to support the scouts.


For the first 4 days of the school holidays the Hurricane Stars Club Inc used their new mini van to transport 14 Muslim Crescent scouts to Shorncliffe for a sailing camp. The scouts learnt how to sail small sail boats and they were joined by scouts from the Brisbane South Chinese Group and a few other groups. The camp was an amazing experience for all who attended because they did not just learn how to sail boats but they made friends with other scout groups and learnt together about teamwork, communication and leadership. Under the guidance of trained scout’s sailing instructors, the scouts of all scout groups worked together in 3-4 people crews to learn how to set up the boat by attaching the mast, boom, sails, jibs, ropes and to tell what direction the wind is blowing, how to control the sails to catch the wind, knotting and how to guide the direction of the boat with the tiller. The scouts had to quickly learn to communicate effectively and work together or they would end up capsizing the boat or hitting someone with the sail boom or knocking them overboard. The scouts learnt fast and by the second day they were sailing out into the open ocean of Moreton Bay.One of the most important outcomes of the camp was the strong friendships that were developed between the scouts. They had previously only known each other briefly each week for two hours but by spending each day together a real team spirit was formed. They enjoyed laughing at each other’s darkening tan lines, with the most hilarious being one boy who’s holes in his shoes tanned his feet to look polka-dotted. Under the watchful eyes of the scouts instructors back at the safety of the dock, the scouts practiced what to do if they capsized their boats. Once again they learnt the importance of teamwork and communication as they had to work together to straighten the boat. The sense of camaraderie had so strongly developed that other scouts jumped into the water to help if a group of scouts needed extra support. Capsizing should be a scary outcome of sailing but the scouts had so much fun capsizing, working together and laughing with each other that they just wanted to keep capsizing. On the final day it was too windy to go sailing so the group went canoeing down the river. Although it was a different set of skills needed to control a canoe, they had to draw on their communication and teamwork skills learnt during sailing to control the 3 person canoe in the currents of the river. After canoeing down the river they stopped in a clear section of the mangroves and explored the shoreline. They had fun playing a spontaneous game of rugby with a water bottle. They worked together as a team to practice capsizing and rescues in canoes in the running water of a river. The currents of the river forced the teenagers to overcome their instincts to be lazy and give up and not work as part of the team because they would then experience their canoe going backwards.As a results of their efforts, the scouts achieved their level 4 badge in sailing and level 2 badge in canoeing. An amazing time was had by all the attendees who grew over the 4 days in both skills and character. Friendships were formed, tan lines were darkened and lots of laughter was enjoyed by all.


Last weekend some of the Muslim Crescent Scouts joined 50 other scouts from around south-east Brisbane on an amazing sailing trip around Moreton Bay. They spent 6 hours sailing around Moreton Bay Marine Park on a 100 foot gaff rigged Schooner, built specifically for adventure sailing and education. It was an amazing experience for all the scouts who attended, as they learnt to raise and lower the sails, they got to take turns being a skipper and steering the boat and they took turns sitting over the water on the net on the front of the boat. It was a beautiful day and the scouts enjoyed watching dolphins, whales and turtles swimming around in their natural habitat in the bay. It was an amazing day which the scouts wont forget and we look forward to our next exciting adventure.


Another fun weekend for our scout’s. This month is scout’s in action month and today we had Rocket Day at the scout hall in Hemmant. The kids from Joeys to Venturers had fun doing a variety of activities. They made bottles shoot into the air with pumps. They made bottle rockets with bicarbonate and water. We made Hoover crafts with a balloons and pop tops. We had paper plane competitions. Everyone’s favourite activity was archery, where our scouts were guided by the scouting archery experts. We are grateful for the organisers for arranging for halal sausages for the sausage sizzle. All scout’s were excited to receive their scout’s in action badge for attending the day.


Last week was Get Online Week as part of the Be Connected digital technology program. We hosted a fun cooking class at our office to raise awareness of the program and benefits for seniors developing online skills. We an amazing cooking session where the participants learned to make an Indonesian sweet – Klepon Uni Ungu (purple sweet potato balls stuffed with palm sugar). Our amazing presenter put so much effort in to preparing for the class and ensuring it ran smoothly and the participants enjoyed themselves. She happily shared tips and tricks on how to make the sweet perfectly. Everyone enjoyed it so much they wanted to know when is the next class.


These holidays we ran our successful Krank school holiday program – Be a Junior Vet, that is run by Shibly from Monty and Minx Calamvale Vet Clinic. Teaching children how to look after their pets safely and teaching them what a vet does each day. It is a successful program that is always full of fun and laughter.


We had an extremely popular horse riding activity on the weekend, where adults and young people enjoyed a lovely trail ride. Almost all participants had never rode a horse before and they all learn how to mount and dismount a horse safety, how to control the horse and how to ride comfortably on a long journey. Everyone completely enjoyed their experience and cannot wait to do it again.


We had a successful return to our ladies social sessions this week with a COVID safe social distancing luncheon for ladies and kids. In which ladies were able to get out of the house and enjoy adult conversation with other mums. They made new friends, enjoyed sharing stories and having a good laugh.


The newest scout group in Queensland, the Muslim Crescent Scout Group, attended its first large organised scout event – the Urban Challenge. The Urban Challenge is a yearly event for Venturer Scouts (aged 15 – 18 years old) that is organised by Rover Scouts (aged 19-25 years old). The event is modelled on the concept of televisions The Amazing Race and this year’s theme was ‘Tropical Challenge’. For two days and two nights the 200 ventures from around Queensland camped at Coorparoo Secondary College and left each day to travel around the city while completing a variety of tasks. Throughout the challenge teams had to carry around a pineapple which they had decorated.

For the challenge the Rovers had organised 7 bases throughout the city which the venturers needed to get to by public transport using the unlimited GO Card they received- travelling either by bus, ferry, train or walking. Our venturers enjoyed journeying up and down the Brisbane River on the City Cat most of all throughout the challenge. At each base during the challenge the venturers then needed to complete a series of activities like, building a tent blindfolded. Our team chose the name of ‘Team Unqualified’ as it is the first time they had attended the Urban Challenge and they were only able to successfully reach 3 bases. One of the reasons why they only reached 3 bases was because they had too much fun participating in the treasure hunt activities. The treasure hunt activities involved them finding various things around the city and taking a picture with it or doing funny activities like dancing the macarena in Queen St Mall. At the end of the first day teams had dinner at Kangaroo Point and watched a movie, the organisers made sure halal food was provided. At the end of the two days the venturers were exhausted from walking around Brisbane City CBD for 2 days but they were enriched by their experience on the Urban Challenge.



To celebrate International Women’s Week the Hurricane Stars Club Inc was chosen by the Queensland government to host an event. The Hurricane Stars Club Inc hired Bounce Trampolining Centre in Tingalpa to host a ladies-only event called Bouncing Forward. More than 90 women and children attended the event to enjoy 2 hours of trampolining and Parkour without any males around, including centre staff. Women who hadn’t had fun bouncing for decades or had never bounced before discovered the joy of bouncing, jumping and leaping into the air. Mothers for the first time felt comfortable joining their children on the trampolines and they had great fun together.



On Saturday the 25th of January the Hurricane Stars Club Inc hired the Bayside Water Park at Carbrook. After anxiously watching the weather reports all week, everyone was very grateful for the cloudy but warm weather on Saturday that made it a wonderful afternoon. They booked the whole lake, so it could be made into a lady’s only space, with only female staff on duty and no men around and miraculously everyone arrived on time. The ladies were able to try cable skiing with either a knee board or wake board, kayaking, canoeing, stand up paddle boarding and paddle boating.

It was the first ever ladies only water park event and 60 ladies and a small number of children attended. The lake was full of the sound of lady’s laughter as ladies from different backgrounds, nationalities and ages, had 2 hours of fun at the lake.  It allowed the ladies to challenge themselves to new experiences in a variety of ways. Ladies who had only ever swam in swimming pools challenged themselves to swim for the first time in a lake where the water was not clear and they swam around and learned to enjoy touching the muddy bottom of the lake.

Other brave sisters who could not swim, put on life jackets and tried out the variety of water-based activities and they surprised themselves and found they were very good at it. Even thought there was a high possibility that they would fall off the board in the middle of the lake with only a lifejacket to prevent them from drowning and knowing they would have to swim back to land, some brave sisters who could not swim tried knee boarding. All attendees tried knee boarding to various degrees of success, as some first-time knee boarders were able to knee board immediately and others took