Positive Parenting

The much-sought after “Parenting between Cultures” Family Skills Program, facilitated by family therapist and social wokers, Susan Al-Maani and Joan Burrows.

Being a mum, dad or carer of children is a rewarding but also a challenging job. This can be more challenging if you have different cultural values and beliefs to the country in which you have chosen to raise your family.

Since there is no single ‘RIGHT’ way of parenting, because all parents are different and all children are different, this program aims to offer a venue for parents and carers to get together and share experiences and tools in a safe and non-judgmental manner. This program aims to look at different ways to teach our children by example how to live respectfully, within new values and beliefs, without losing our own culture, in an ever-changing world.

The family skills parent program is a condensed 3 week, 3.5 hours per week interactive, adult learning and discussion group, which looks at family issues that affect prep year children, primary school children, transition to High School and teenagers. It aims to address the impact on the whole family, and is based on the principle that “Everyone is Equally Important” and that includes you- the parent/carer.

Self-Care and Self-Esteem is discussed as a very important topic. It is hoped that this will encourage and promote self-esteem and confidence in parents and children alike.

The sessions are tailor made to suit the needs of each new group, The group itself will determine and choose the topics to be addressed – hence, it is not a lecture style pre-packaged program but more eclectic, individual and therapeutic in its approach which offers alternative models of parenting skills and increases choices.

Group opinions and existing skills and strengths are valued and built upon.

Some of the Topics requested and discussed usually include: –

-What is important about Culture? Family Values and Beliefs  (Family of Origin) New Culture and Values (-Australian values, school system)

-Children’s stages of development,  Child, Teenager

-Family relationships,

-Communication and self-esteem for whole family

-Discipline and Behaviour Management

– Anger management

– Safety within the family, at school (bullying) and in a social context

Please note that the family skills programme is for parents and carers only.