Mums and Bubs Swimming Lessons


The program is designed to teach your child vital water safety awareness skills along with basic swimming skills.  The Little Joeys program encourages exploration of the water, creating trust, building confidence, and relaxed submersions at the child’s own pace. It is our goal to assist babies to acquire these skills in a fun, stimulating environment.  Once the infant has mastered these skills we will then transition the child in preparation for the child to swim without their parents in the water for the very first time.

Age Group

Babies to 36 months of age

Class Size

5-6 babies (each child must be accompanied by an adult)

Class Duration


Course Contents

• Water awareness

• Water safety skills

• Water familiarisation

• Holding and gripping activities

• Encourage breath control

• Confidence in submerging

• Assisted and independent rolling techniques and vertical rotation

• Assisted and independent paddle and kick

• Assisted and independent entries, turning and resurfacing

• Increase bond with parent / carer

• Supported and independent back float

• Separation from parent / carer

• Experience their own buoyancy in the aquatic environment